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Welcome to Peace Love and Dogs Houston

Welcome to Houston’s most unique dog training and dog daycare center. Our innovative facility is distinctive since training is our number one priority. Our goal is to make every experience a learning opportunity for you and your pet. We offer a safe, controlled, and super fun environment for your dog to learn and play. Through our unique programs, utilizing dog training techniques that emphasize patience and consistency, we assist owners in molding happy, well-balanced, and sound dogs whose only habit is being a best friend and an enjoyable member of the family. It’s dog daycare with manners!


Stephanie has been a godsend for my Chihuahua, Giovi, and me. I adopted Giovi from a shelter and soon realized that not only did I have a wonderful, cuddly companion but also sometimes a Tasmanian devil! He would literally try to attack any passerby, other

Carrie Macy

Ellie & I just wanted to thank you for all your time & knowledge that you shared with us. We are already closer and happier. You are an amazing teacher!!! (and believe me… I know teachers!). We will continue to work on everything you have

Penny Spellman

We had the pleasure of meeting and working with Stephanie Bennett a few months ago. We have a Pit/Labrador mix and Stephanie helped us get him to a very good intermediate training stage. Our dog Linus responded to her immediately and in no time at

Ian Duncan and Tara Summers

I was recommended to meet with Stephanie for help with my rescued French Bulldog; Jack. He had several behavioral issues, including aggression towards both humans and dogs. Even after our initial meeting, she gave me great hope that through regular training and commitment from me,

Zoe and Jack

Hello Stephanie and Anna- Thank you so much for all your help with Friday and Lucky. Having siblings can be a challenge when it comes to training puppies. My husband and I were struggling with how to raise the dogs without fights and jealously. After

Kathy and Greg Asaf

So what do I say about Stephanie Bennett?!? Well, let’s put it this way… First off, my name is Michael Piper-Younie. My dog Ezzie and I were selected to be a part of CBS’ new show ‘Greatest American Dog’ and, well, we were certainly going

Michael Piper-Younie - Greatest American Dog Contestant

We were lucky enough to meet Stephanie 6 months ago. Lola, our 4yr. old English Bulldog, had chronic anxiety, O.C.D. (she would attack oven mitts and empty pizza boxes), and had trouble staying still for any extended period of time if there were people in

Jen and Geoff Thomas

I was a nervous, new mommy. I had just rescued a dog and was scared that I wouldn’t be able to establish control and leadership. The last thing I wanted was a dog I couldn’t handle, who didn’t listen and who walked me! Being an

Sabrina Miller and Barnaby

I had to email you to tell you how GREAT Ben is doing with Stella!! It is amazing! You have changed our lives! Ben no longer has fear written all over his face when Stella is around. He’s more interested in her and doesn’t seem

Kate and Nate Stal

I just want to truly thank you for literally everything. Not only because of your amazing abilities in communicating and training Jager, or always keeping me completely informed of him personally, and his day by day progress, not just for the comfort you provided me

Carolyn and Jager Williams
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