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Photo by Robyn Arouty © 2012

Photo by Robyn Arouty © 2012

Mental Stimulation

Mental Stimulation toys help keep pets mentally engaged in an activity they enjoy. At Peace Love and Dogs, we want every experience your dog has to be a learning experience. Dogs need just as much mental stimulation as physical stimulation.Without mental stimulation, a dog will become bored and/ or anxious and as a result, behavior issues will most likely ensue. These toys help foster natural hunting and foraging behaviors, and help prevent destructive boredom behaviors. We recommend that these toys be rotated. That means give them one toy at a time and keep them out of your dog’s reach when not in use. We also recommend tossing out your dog’s bowl and only feeding her with interactive toys! Why waste a great learning opportunity by giving your dog a bowl of food that she will wolf down in one minute flat? We want to make your dog (especially puppies) a puzzle/chew toy-aholic!

There are thousands of these toys on the market and it can be confusing. So, we literally buy everything and have the PLD dogs test them out. We don’t want them too easy, too hard, or easy to destroy. We also like the toys that you can make more difficult as your dog learns the game. You must begin by making all the toys as easy as possible; if they are too hard your dog will give up. You may also find it necessary to use some high value and odiferous food to help get them started.

Here is a list of our current top favorite mental stimulation toys. After we test them out, we literally only include toys that we get about an 80% approval rate from the dogs.

Puzzle & Chew Toys

  • Original Kong (stuff and freeze)
  • Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude
  • Busy Buddy Barnacle
  • Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly
  • Pet Qwerks Flavorit Bones
  • Dogzilla Dino Dog Toy
  • Snoop by Planet Dog

Plastic Puzzle Toys (not for chewing)

  • Starmark Bob-A-Lot
  • Nina Ottosson Puzzles (beware of cheap knock-offs)
  • Outward Hound Slow Feeders
  • Green Dog Feeder

Plush Puzzle/ Squeaky Toys

  • Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel and Hide-a-Bird

Mental Puzzle

  • Kruuse Buster Activity Mat

Chew Only

  • Smoked Knuckle Bones (larger dogs)
  • Smoked Knee Caps (smaller dogs)
  • Bully Sticks (safer alternative to raw-hide)
  • JW Dogs in Action DNA Strand Toy (slows down bully sticks)

Physical Stimulation

Interactive play is important to keep your dog mentally and physically fit. Interactive play toys are designed for you and your dog to play together.

  • Flirt Pole by Squishy Face (Our most popular toy!)
  • Doggy Incredibubbles
  • Tennis Tug
  • Doggie Bungee Toy
  • One Dog One Bone Pool
  • Walky Dog Bicycle Leash

Training Tools

Our carefully selected positive training tools promote effective communication with your dog.

  • Gentle Leader Head Collar*
  • Sense-a-tion Front Connecting Harness*
  • 6ft Leather Leash**
  • Hands Free Belt Leash
  • 20ft Long Line (Outdoor Use)**
  • 10ft Lite Line (Indoor Use)
  • Elevated Place Bed
  • Treat Pouch
  • Starmark Clicker
  • Pet Deli Liver or Lamb Loaf
  • Freeze-Dried Treats (liver, cheese, chicken)

* For more information on collars, read Stephanie’s Houston Pet Talk article:
Keeping Control

** For more information on leashes, read Stephanie’s Houston Pet Talk article: